18 Apr

Founded in 1933 the Cricket Club of India (CCI) came to symbolize not only excellence in Indian sport in general, but cricket in particular, its sponsors being those who had founded the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 1928.

On Friday CCI decided to donate Rs 51 lakh (£53,257) to the Maharastra Chief Minister's Relief Fund for the fight against the fast-spreading COVID-19 pandemic.

CCI President Premal Udani told India’s Economic Times that an additional Rs 50 lakh (£52,213) will be raised with donations from its members.

"The remaining Rs 50 lakh will be used for community purposes. Even if there is no work, we are going to pay every staff member and every worker (of ours)," said Udani.

"We have also several ex staffers and we would rather donate in that area. We also have support staff which is not on our rolls and support our endeavour, so want to do something for them. And also we want to work with a couple of hospitals in our area by donating masks or PPE suits or other essential medicines," he added.

CCI, which has hosted Tests and ODIs at its Brabourne Stadium, is an associate member of the BCCI.

Maharastra is one of the worst affected states in India with Coronavirus positive cases breaching the 3000 mark.

John Stephenson


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