14 Dec

There was further bad news for Dutch cricket fans at the weekend when it was revealed that their Super League series against the West Indies has been postponed until 2022, CricketEurope reported today. 

This follows the earlier postponement of their series against England, meaning that they now only have Ireland coming to Holland next summer. 

It now means that they are due to host West Indies, Pakistan and England during 2022 in the Super League, which may lead to congestion given the number of series being cancelled during the pandemic. 

On the financial side, the KNCB confirmed that due to savings from lack of cricket this year they had an operating surplus of €344k for 2020, which boosted their coffers to €1.3million. 

Hopefully their financial position will be even better with the sale of the broadcast rights for the games in 2022, and the return of spectators in a post-Covid era. 

John Stephenson 


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