09 Dec

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has invited interested and qualified applicants to express their interest in developing the ICC’s digital publishing platform comprising a content management system and supporting tools, cricket sports data repository, identity system and ICC products including website and mobile applications. 

“The ICC is looking for an experienced sport-focused partner who can provide both the platform and the services required to build, enhance, and support the ICC’s suite of digital products. Partners will have experience of building and operating platforms of global scale and delivering major global sporting events,” it said in a press statement. 

The selection will be a two-step process, designed to allow the ICC to appoint the most suitable and capable sport-focused Digital Publishing Platforms. 

“Interested applicants should complete the Expressions of Interest (EOI) document to enable the ICC to make an initial assessment of their suitability. The ICC will review the expressions of interest received and then issue more detailed ‘Invitation to Tender’ (ITT) documentation to shortlisted applicants,” it stated. 

The key dates for this selection process are as follows:

8 December 2020 – EOI issued 

17 December 2020 – EOI submissions due 

21 December 2020 – ITT documents issued to shortlisted applicants 

February 2021 – Appointment of Digital Publishing Platform partner   

John Stephenson 


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