06 Mar

The prize money for the winning IPL teams this year is to be cut by 50%.  In a surprise move the BCCI, India’s cricket board has announced that winners will receive Rs 10 crore (£1 million) compared to Rs 20 crore in 2019, runners-up will get Rs. 6.25 crore and the third and fourth place teams will receive Rs. 4.375 crore each. Despite speculation that the cut reflects poorer economic prospects this year the Chairman of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Brijesh Patel, the IPL Chairman told Hindustan Times, “It’s not cost-cutting. In 2013-14, to help the franchises, we had agreed to increase the money, but it was not part of the original contract.”

Nevertheless, the decision has angered many franchises with the move made apparently without their consultation. According to a report Delhi Capitals proposed the idea of writing the letter to the national cricket board, to which all eight of the franchises agreed. Patel justified the decision, which does not affect player prizes.  “In 2013, the franchises had requested saying they were not making money in IPL. So, the BCCI thought we will also contribute so that player payments do not become an issue. Now, they are earning profits. It’s just a loss in profit,” he claimed. The BCCI has also decided to scrap the expensive opening ceremony of the IPL from the upcoming edition of the tournament (IPL 2020).

Brian Sturgess 


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