30 Jul

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchises were left fuming after the cancellation of the governing council meeting at a very short notice. All owners have written a unanimous letter to the board to record their protest over issues pertaining to the financial model and the structure of the league.

According to details, the governing council meeting was scheduled for Tuesday (28 July). The video link meeting however was cancelled at short notice with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) citing the inability of the franchises to provide copies of the sponsorship contracts.

However, according to Cricket Pakistan website sources, the personal business being conducted by the PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani and the Chief Executive Wasim Khan on vacation in England was the real reason for the cancellation of the meeting.

The PCB’s unprofessional approach has angered the franchise owners. The letter written by them in protest was sent to PSL’s project executive Shoaib Naveed, said cancelling a pre-arranged meeting without any consultation was not acceptable.

“We had discussed various problems with the PCB and expected the meeting to go ahead as planned. We are saddened by the board’s reaction to our issues. Cancelling the meeting at the last moment and without consultation signifies the non-serious attitude of the PCB. We have some serious reservations with the current structure and model of the PSL. We are facing losses because of it. The financial and ownership model is no longer acceptable for us. We want to focus on this in the next meeting in a serious manner,” the letter stated.

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