07 Sep

The Rahmani Foundation has donated four passenger buses to the Afghanistan Cricket Board. On the exterior of these new buses, there are pictures of well-known figures of the Afghan national cricket team. An official of Rahmani Foundation said that the foundation will continue helping grow cricket in Afghanistan, in addition to donating four buses. These buses are to be used to transfer national team players and staff of the Afghanistan Cricket Board. Meanwhile, Afghanistan president Ashraf Ghani praised Afghan cricket players during the inauguration ceremony of the Shpageeza Cricket League at Kabul International Cricket Stadium. The president said the cricket is a source of inspiration for youths across the country and brought dignity and honor to the entire Afghan nation. “You demonstrated to the world that Afghans are not confined to their past, but have goal-oriented plans to own the future,” said President Ashraf Ghani while addressing the cricket players.

Brian Sturgess


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