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Sky247, together with the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB), announced a "powered by" sponsorship for the Emirates D20 Tournament. The brand Sky247.net will partner with the competition, scheduled to start December 6. 

Sky247.net is a sports news portal that covers multiple sports, such as Cricket, Tennis, Football, and Basketball. Partnering with the ECB for the D20 Tournament is viewed as a big opportunity that will allow the brand to rise to another level. 

After the success of the D10 Tournament, ECB is set to host a 20-over competition, scheduled to play from December 6 to December 24. Called Emirates D20 Tournament, the competition will feature 6 teams and will be used as a stage for talented young players to prove their ability to be part of the UAE Cricket Team. 

The tournament will have 33 games, featuring teams representing UAE's cricket councils. A mix of senior players and Emirates' biggest youth prospects in the tournament are seen as a big step in establishing a strong National Cricket Team in the UAE. 

Emirates D20 Tournament: Teams and Schedule 

33 games will be played through a 12-day window full of excitement for all cricket fans in the UAE. Seen as a way to promote Cricket development in the UAE, the Emirates D20 Tournament will feature 6 teams. 



Abu Dhabi 





With the Dubai International Stadium as the main venue, the teams will play twice among each other to decide who will move to the playoff stage. 4 teams will have access to the decisive stage of the tournament, with the final to be played on December 24. 

Schedule of play 

Day 1, December 6 

1pm - 5pm: ECB vs Abu Dhabi 

5pm - 9pm: Fujairah vs Sharjah 

9pm - 12:30am: Ajman vs Abu Dhabi 

Day 2, December 7 

1pm - 5pm: Fujairah vs Dubai 

5pm - 9pm: Ajman vs Sharjah 

9pm - 12:30am: ECB vs Dubai 

Day 3, December 11 

1pm - 5pm: Dubai vs Abu Dhabi 

5pm - 9pm: Ajman vs ECB 

9pm - 12:30am: Fujairah vs Abu Dhabi 

Day 4, December 12 

1pm - 5pm: Sharjah vs Abu Dhabi 

5pm - 9pm: Fujairah vs ECB 

9pm - 12:30am: Ajman vs Dubai 

Day 5, December 15 

1pm - 5pm: ECB vs Sharjah 

5pm - 9pm: Fujairah vs Ajman 

9pm - 12:30am: Sharjah vs Dubai

Day 6, December 16 

1pm - 5pm: Sharjah vs Abu Dhabi 

5pm - 9pm: Dubai vs ECB 

9pm - 12:30am: Abu Dhabi vs Ajman 

Day 7, December 17 

1pm - 5pm: ECB vs Fujairah 

5pm - 9pm: Dubai vs Ajman 

9pm - 12:30am: Sharjah vs Fujairah 

Day 8, December 20 

1pm - 5pm: Abu Dhabi vs Fujairah 

5pm - 9pm: Sharjah vs ECB 

9pm - 12:30am: Abu Dhabi vs Dubai 

Day 9, December 21 

1pm - 5pm: ECB vs Abu Dhabi 

5pm - 9pm: Sharjah vs Ajman 

9pm - 12:30am: Dubai vs Fujairah 

Day 10, December 22 

1pm - 5pm: ECB vs Ajman 

5pm - 9pm: Dubai vs Sharjah 

9pm - 12:30am: Ajman vs Fujairah 

Day 11, December 23 

4pm - 8pm: Semi Final 1st vs 4th 

8pm - 12pm: Semi Final 2nd v 3rd 

Day 12, December 24 

6pm - 10pm: Final 

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