04 Feb

Newly published data reveals that the England and Wales Professional Cricketers’ Trust (PCT) has supported 94 Professional Cricketers Association (PCA) members in the area of mental health alone during 2020, bringing the total figure since 2015 up to 426 after a record-breaking year for the charity. 

The 94 figure includes 35 current players, 47 former players including coaches and 12 individuals from the immediate family of PCA members. It is a rise of 10 from the 2019 figure of 84, though the number of current players supported has decreased from 40 to 35 in the same timeframe. 

The number of mental health cases supported has steadily increased since 2015, when 33 PCA members received treatment, with a total of 426 individuals being supported during that time. 

In 2020 alone, the 94 cases have been provided with a cumulative 563 therapy sessions by the players’ charity, which seeks to support PCA members and their immediate families when they need it most. In addition to the mental health cases, 20 PCA members have been supported in separate cases ranging from medical treatment to hardship in 2020, meaning 114 total members were assisted by the Trust last year. 

With the Covid-19 pandemic causing increasing anxiety and uncertainty amongst the PCA membership, demand for mental health support in particular has never been higher, but the Trust has been able to save crucial funds in this area by switching to a new mental health provider: The Sporting Chance Clinic, based in Hampshire. 

Despite these savings, the Trust has nevertheless spent over half a million pounds on mental health support for PCA members since 2015, which has equated to the 426 cases supported. 

In the past year the Trust saw an annual fundraising shortfall of around £150,000 as a result of much of the PCA’s events calendar being wiped out by the pandemic. 

Ian Thomas, Trust Director, commented “These latest figures once again highlight why the Trust is so reliant on your support. With more members than ever needing assistance, and with fundraising having taken a significant hit in 2020, we cannot continue to provide the services we do without increased support. 

“Whilst 2020 has seen another rise in mental health cases supported in what was a record year for the Trust, we are pleased to see that PCA members continue to feel empowered to reach out and access that support when they feel the need to. 

“We are delighted to be working with a world-class organisation in Sporting Chance to provide that support, and PCA members should feel safe in the knowledge that there is always a qualified individual on hand to help them through tough times.” 

Find out more about the Professional Cricketers’ Trust and the charity’s Talk to Teammates campaign. 

John Stephenson 


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