23 Jan

With the objective of increasing young females participation in cricket in New Zealand, Yeah! Girls Hubs are generally 6 weeks in duration, with girls attending one session a week that is 45-60mins of activities and modified games. 

Without an obligation to join a team or a club, and no requirement to have a set number of players for a team, the scheme removes many of the barriers for girls-only cricket, and has helped make this an attractive and enjoyable programme. 

The focus is on being active and having fun with friends, along with some social competition. Participants don’t need any of their own equipment - everything is provided. 

In term 4 2020, over 1,100 girls across New Zealand participated in 58 Yeah! Girls Hubs, a big increase from the previous season. Significantly, 74% of the girls indicated they were new to cricket, illustrating that Yeah! Girls is providing an enjoyable first step into cricket for girls who would otherwise not give it a go. 

The scheme takes cricket into new communities, resulting in a culturally diverse programme which is continually evolving to suit all New Zealanders. 

A huge element of Yeah! Girls success is the group of around 50 Activators who plan, promote and deliver the scheme across New Zealand. Activators attend a series of training sessions so they develop a thorough understanding of the programme, what they are aiming to achieve and the important role they play in the girls’ cricket experience. For some Activators, it’s also a first step into cricket coaching and delivery, providing a platform to develop staff across the network. 

Yeah! Girls is also part of the CWC22 Leverage and Legacy plan, and in the 2021/22 season will tie in closely with other CWC22 initiatives to provide a variety of opportunities to young female cricketers. 

You can see more information on Yeah! Girls at www.yeahgirls.nz 

John Stephenson 


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