22 Apr

As the cricket community reels at the pain inflicted by Coronavirus, it seems that the Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI) is now pivotal in the recovery of the world cricket economy. Given the pandemic has come at a time when a number of cricket boards were looking to sell their broadcast rights, the financial implications are expected to be severe for them and the arrival of the India tour to their territories could be make or break.

Australia’s Chief Executive Kevin Roberts:

“If the India series doesn’t get away, it’s an issue of hundreds of millions of dollars, we certainly hope the situation doesn’t go that deep and we’ll be doing everything we can to prevent it, tour of Indian team to Australia is absolutely crucial”

South Africa Cricket’s CEO Jacques Faul:

“SA won’t feel the financial pinch immediately. As pay-cheques are currently safe. We would first have to lose substantial money before that happens. For example, if we lose home Indian income, that might trigger a cut. If your future content doesn’t take place, then your money gets cut”

On average, from one ICC event most of the test cricket nations other than the big 3 gets $US 7-8 Million as their shares in revenues from the global body. But by hosting a tour by the India team each of the host nations generates substantially more. If boards like CA or CSA whose broadcast deals are already in place are feeling the heat, what will be status of those boards who are yet to sell their media rights portfolios?

– CWI have been looking for a media deal for the last 6 months

– BCB is about to enter the market

– SLC has been in market since February, but with no success to date

– PCB will be entering the market next month

Sports Media Rights expert & CEO of Sporty Solutions Ashish Chadha. 

“An India tour for each one of them will be make or break. They will literally struggle to sell the rights otherwise in this kind of market. Covid-19 could not have come at worse time when most of the cricketing nations are trying to earn their bread and butter through these set of rights”

According to InsideSport in India, it has spoken to two cricket board representatives and both of them went to the extent of saying that they are ready to rejig the entire future tour program (FTP) to suit the BCCI’s scheduling. Others may also follow suit.

The ICC has called for the member boards’ Chief Executives teleconference (on Thursday 23 April) to discuss the way forward for the T20 World Cup, ICC World Test Championships and other scheduling issues. It will not be a surprise if it is the BCCI rather than the ICC who has the most influence during this crucial meeting.

John Stephenson


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