11 Feb

The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced this week that the Women’s T20 World Cup which begins in Australia later this month will be the first major tournament to use the front foot no ball technology following successful trials in India and the West Indies. 

The on-field umpires will not be responsible for front foot no ball decisions and will not call them unless advised by the third off-field umpire. Other types of no ball will still be called by the on-field umpire. Geoff Allardice, ICC General Manager Cricket said: “Cricket has an excellent track record of introducing technology to support the decision making of our match officials and I’m confident that this technology will reduce the small number of front foot no ball errors at the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup.”

The technology was recently trialed across 12 games (most recently the three ODI’s and three T20I games between India and West Indies in December 2019), during which 4717 balls were bowled and 13 no balls (0.28% of deliveries) were called. All deliveries were judged accurately.

John Stephenson

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