27 Jan

Ahmedabad-based Shri Enterprise, in association with Aarka Sports, have announced the launch of MS Dhoni Cricket Academy (MSDCA). 

The main objective of MSDCA, an institute of Aarka Sports, is “giving back” from MS Dhoni and Mihir Diwakar and is set to transform the standards of coaching and development of cricket. Fully equipped with modern technology, high class coaching facility & certified coaches, MSDCA is spreading its centres to every corner of India and abroad. 

Sridhar Reddy of Shri Enterprise said, “We are extremely happy to associate with MS Dhoni Cricket Academy. With this alliance, the children of Gujarat will get the opportunity to learn modern coaching methodology from MSDCA and their accredited coaches. Coaching in MSDCA involves a lot of game sense and practical activities, with its focus on developing a participant’s ability to perform during a match and not just in the nets.” 

“MSDCA Cricket Coaching Program will promote the importance of developing quality cricketers as well as people who are leaders, have strong team work capabilities, strive for excellence and display sportsmanship and fair play. Registrations are currently open for the academy,” Reddy added. 

Aarka Sports was established in 2014, has focused on sports management and sports consultancy services in India and Abroad. It was founded by Mihir Diwakar, a sportsman himself who was part of India U-19 World Cup winning team and has performed at the highest level to relate to the needs and wants of sports and sportspeople. 

Diwakar explained that the training methodology is embedded with four driving factors in the way they coach, practice and play cricket. 

* Quality over Quantity: Encourage players to practice their match day rituals and routines as part of their regular practice and Training 

* Effective Technique instead of perfect Technique: Players learn how to achieve out comes in competitive situations and different conditions 

* Adaptability over Repetition: Players learn to think on their feet and adapt to changing conditions and match situations 

* Player Ownership over Coach Management: Players learn to solve problems and show leadership and take ownership of their own preparation, thinking and performance analysis   

John Stephenson 


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